Procedure & Policy support, Diversity and Inclusion building.

Are you looking to partner or contract with a Certified Aboriginal Business? Are you interested in how to become a diverse organization through other ways beyond the direct hiring of individuals? We understand that hiring is not always an option for some companies. But there are many other ways you can engage and enjoy the rewards of being a truly diverse and inclusive company. More than ever, companies are adding statements and/or scoring elements to their request for proposal documents supporting increased consideration of diverse and inclusive suppliers. Over the next 5 years we can expect to see a significant increase in the weighting applied to diversity and inclusion when contracting. Makhos can work with you to develop inclusive procedures and policies which will allow you to increase your diversity and improve your bottom line by positioning you to become more competitive. Call us to find out how.

Diverse Supply Chains

Supply Chain Diversity is the process of sourcing supplies and/or resources from Diverse & Inclusive companies

The most promising opportunity to explore new markets is through supplier diversity. The chance to gain a competitive advantage

With increasing population and business growth rates, it is imperative that corporations learn how to infuse diverse employees, customers, and suppliers into their business processes in order to gain and maintain a long-term competitive edge

Success with supplier diversity starts with organizational culture. An organization that values diversity and makes a commitment to view diversity as an ingrained aspect of doing business is positioned to succeed with supplier diversity.

Companies should seek to change employee mindsets by challenging beliefs about supplier diversity and creating a climate where procurement professionals are supported and rewarded for diversifying the supply chain.