Cultural Awareness Training

When embarking on a new and inclusive recruiting strategy, it is imperative that companies understand the cultural shift which is coming. This can be achieved with basic awareness for the staff and employees of the company.

Makhos offers cultural awareness training services to companies’ management and employees. From basic knowledge, to in-depth topics, Makhos has the ability to meet the level of training your company wishes to engage in and to ensure specific expectations are met.

Makhos delivers training according to PAR Certification requirements. Makhos’ trainers have attended PAR’s consultant training session for cultural awareness training to ensure the delivery and criteria of our Cultural Awareness Training Course are to specification.

Education and Skills Upgrading

Makhos also assists candidates with the upgrading of skills and education to help bridge the gaps to employability. From GED upgrading to specific requirement courses in preparation for employment, Makhos tailors a plan and assists with its execution for the individual.